Progetto senza titolo (5)

MCH-TRONICS is a Swiss company born in 2015 and based in Manno, near Lugano, operating in design and realization of mechatronics systems and automated production machines.

Company activities in the project
  • WP5 – Design of Machine Architecture and Efficient Mechatronics (WP leader: MCH)
  • T5.1 – Design of Mesomorph super-stiff structure (SUPSI)
  • T5.2 -Mechatronics machine integration and model-based representation (MCH)
  • WP8 – Adaptive automation and CNC (WP leader: MCH)
  • T8.1 – CNC architecture design (SUPSI)
  • T8.2 – Adaptive CNC algorithms (SUPSI)
  • T8.3 – Middleware and communication infrastructure (MCH)