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ATLANT 3D Nanosystems

ATLANT 3D Nanosystems is a Danish deep-tech company that develops game-changing advaned manufacturing technology based on hybrid atomic layer processing for on-demand advanced manufacturing of micro-/nanodevices with atomic precision – ATLANT3D technology. Its multi-step production processes combined with a range of 450+ materials benefit rapid material and microelectronics development, previously considered impossible. An interdisciplinary team leads ATLANT with expertise in micro-/ nanofabrication, chemical processes, hardware development, project management, entrepreneurship, fundraising, finances, and sales & marketing. ATLANT 3D is based in Denmark and Germany with at DTU and FAU campus with access to state-of-the-art R&D resources.

Company activities in the project
  • WP1 Project management
  • WP2 Product design by hybrid-technologies: We will provide all necessary information
  • WP3 Process design and CAx: SADALP parameters definition and Support the data synthesis and efficient CAx closed loop
  • WP4 Design of Mesomorph modules: Task coordination, design and integration of the SADALP head on the module

            • D4.3 Preliminary design of the SADALP module.
            • D4.4 Design of the SADALP module.

  • WP6 All-around nano-scale vision and monitoring infrastructure: Support the definition of the sensing system architecture and Definition of the software and vision system based on SADALP requirements
  • WP7 Product-process-machine seamless data integration: SADALP data flow management
  • WP10 Mesomorph Demonstration: SADALP process planning validation and Support the full-scale pilot development and the process evaluation
  • WP11 Mesomorph dissemination and exploitation: Validate the dissemination plan and Support the product standardization procedure definition